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General Civil Litigation (Plaintiff & Defense)

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General Civil Litigation (Plaintiff & Defense) Attorneys

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General Civil Litigation (Plaintiff & Defense) in Cedar Rapids

Our firm represents clients in a wide variety of lawsuits across various industries and areas of the law.  From initial case analysis, efforts to reach resolutions prior to filing a lawsuit or early on in the process, all the way through representing clients through a full trial of the issue at hand to a judge or a jury, we bring decades of skill and experience to the table for our clients and use those tools to ensure our clients have the best possible representation and obtain the best possible outcome for whatever situation it is they are facing. 

Our clients include a wide range of companies and individuals, from basic small claims representation between private individual parties to representing large local companies and contractors in six-figure or seven-figure lawsuits.  We have the resources and the expertise to ensure clients are getting the best possible service in the handling of their case, regardless of which side of the case they find themselves on.  And if a client presents us with a highly-complex matter involving a specialized area of the law, we will use our connections in the legal community to ensure you are connected with an attorney with the expertise in that area of the law to ensure every need is met in every case presented to us.

Finally, we understand and keep at the front of our minds in each case the budgetary considerations of each client and each case.  We will work to reach the best outcome under the circumstances in the most financially efficient way possible.

Litigation Practice Areas of Note:

    • Automotive Accidents
    • Business Owner Liability
    • Construction Lawsuits
    • Contract Interpretation & Enforcement Matters
    • Insurance Coverage Disputes
    • Employment Law
    • Family Law
    • General Liability
    • Local Counsel (assisting out-of-state counsel who are the primary case handlers for specific client matters)
    • Personal Injury

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