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Breach of Contract

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Breach of Contract

There are several reasons that a person may fail to breach their contract, intentionally or unintentionally. Regardless, if there is not a legitimate legal excuse for breach of contract and the legal agreement was not yet properly dissolved, you may have the right to pursue a breach of contract. The following events may be considered breach of contract:

  • Failure to complete a job
  • Not paying in full or on time
  • Failure to deliver goods
  • Substituting or offering insufficient goods
  • Evidence that a party will not complete contract in advance

If the party that you made a legally binding agreement with failed to obtain their side of the bargain, you may be eligible for compensation. Our Cedar Rapids legal team may be able to help you obtain the original contractual obligations and any damages from the breach.

If you believe a contract related to you or your business has been breached, or if you have been accused of breaching a contract, we have several legal options. Notifying the other party to express concern over the agreement is typically step one. Parties listed on a contract are required by law to take prudent and reasonable action to mitigate or alleviate damages potentially stemming from a breach of contract. Negotiation or mediation may be required to find a path to resolution. If all other options fail, a lawsuit may be filed to pursue and protect a client’s interests. Our attorneys will help you weigh the pros and cons of your situation.

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