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Dana A. Judas, Nazette, Marner, Nathanson & Shea, LLP

Dana A. Judas


Support Staff 

Areas of Practice

  • Family law
  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • No Contact Orders
  • Mediation

About Dana A. Judas

Dana is a first-generation college student who understands the value of hard work and dedication. Her ability to empathize with clients allows her to see their legal case both compassionately and objectively. Dana engages with clients who have varied and complex family law issues on both a personal and professional level. She comes from a blended family and is the youngest of six siblings. Her own experiences with family law issues sets her practice apart.

Dana grew up in Waterloo, Iowa and graduated from Waterloo West High School in 2007. She went on to attend the University of Iowa where she received her Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in 2010, where she majored in English (Nonfiction Writing). Dana graduated from the University of Iowa College of Law in May 2014 and was admitted to practice in September.

In May of 2019, Dana joined Nazette Marner Nathanson Knoll LLP, where she focuses on areas of family law, including divorce, custody, juvenile law (CINA), appellate practice, guardianship and conservatorships, child support, and no contact order proceedings. Dana is certified in both mediation and the collaborative law process.

Prior to joining Nazette Marner Nathanson Knoll LLP, she practiced family law at another Cedar Rapids firm. In July 2022, Dana became a partner at NMNS.

Dana thrives on personal interaction and does so by putting her clients first. It is one thing to listen to someone; it is quite another to hear someone. It is also important to have candid and realistic discussions about what can be achieved in each case and how the law can help obtain the desired outcome.

Dana’s strength lies in the balance of understanding when to be soft and when to be strong. Each situation is unique and should be treated at such. No two cases are ever alike. Dana is attentive and believes a strong and professional connection to clients not only puts them at ease, but ensures they receive personal and practical legal advice.

When not in the office, Dana enjoys teaching and practicing yoga, spending time with her dogs, Charlie, Louie, and Roxie, and forcing her husband to go on adventures around the world.