Business, Contracts and Transactional Law

Business, Contracts and Transactional Law

Every business, from sole proprietorships to multinational corporations, has legal needs. Most business owners are expert in their chosen field, but few have the depth and breadth of legal knowledge their company needs. It's impractical for most small to midsized businesses to have in-house counsel. Yet failing to address legal issues promptly and thoroughly can hamper the growth of a business.

At Nazette, Marner, Nathanson & Shea, L.L.P., we are committed to supporting the success of our business clients by managing their legal needs so that they can focus on the needs of the business. We view our work with our business clients as a partnership, in which our first obligation is to understand the client's vision and goals. Once we understand where a client wants to take their business, we collaborate with them on a plan to get there.

From creating the business entity at a company's inception, through planning for expansion, to transition planning down the road, Our firm is available for our business clients' every legal need. We not only help our clients maximize and pursue opportunities, we protect their interests, through careful contract negotiation, review and drafting. We know that attention to detail in transactions minimizes exposure to liability and litigation in the future.

Sometimes, of course, litigation is inevitable. In that case, we are proud to be able to offer our clients the services of experienced trial attorneys who are well-versed in the complexities of business law. We know how much work our clients put into building their businesses; we devote the same care to protecting them.

Businesses rise and fall on the details of their agreements with customers, suppliers, employees, and others. We assist with all manner of contracts at every stage, from negotiating to drafting to review. In addition, our attorneys are experienced in preparing  the documents needed to form, govern, license and operate businesses. Among the contract and transactional services we offer are: 

  • Business formation
  • Entity formation and Articles of incorporation
  • Operational agreements
  • Business negotiations
  • Account collections
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Purchase contracts
  • Land use agreements
  • Leases
  • Partnership agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Regulatory compliance assistance
  • Financing assistance

Business Planning and Formation Services

Taking into account our clients' expressed goals, we offer comprehensive business planning services with an eye to fostering growth and limiting liability. There are a wide variety of business entities from which to select. We help clients review their options and select the best one for their circumstances. We work with clients throughout the life of their businesses, managing everything from formation onward.

Business Advisory Services

Modern businesses must contend with complex and shifting regulatory requirements, changing markets, and an economy in flux. To support our clients in this current business climate, we offer an array of advisory services such as tax planning, business assessments, financial restructuring, and the purchase or sale of an existing business.

Business Litigation Services

While much of our work for our business clients centers around preventing problems and avoiding litigation, we are mindful that at times litigation is simply unavoidable. Sometimes our clients cannot resolve a dispute by any means short of litigation; sometimes they must defend against a lawsuit filed by another party. Whatever the circumstances, our firm offers experienced litigators, well-versed in substantive business law and procedural law, to protect our clients' interests in court.

We work with every size and type of Iowa business. We look forward to discussing with you the needs of your business, and to partnering with you for many years of success.

Call today to schedule an initial consultation and learn how we can help support your business: (319) 366-1000.

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